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Walsall Mistress

My Interests and areas of speciality

Bondage with almost everything! straight jackets, belts, cuffs, head restraints, leather, chains, vac beds. The list goes on!

Medical play. Such a variety of activities available for me to be a bitch nurse, a kind nurse or the mad doctor! Urethral treatments and sounds, saline infusions, dental play, needles, including advanced play with needles, staples, bandages, enemas, catheters. The list is not exhausted and is always growing

Nipple play, sensual or sadistic.

Blood play. Seeing blood gets me excited.

CBT. Being evil to your downstairs is a creative activity and also makes me happy.

Electrics. Estim and violet wand. Electrics can be used in a variety of session for different things. Its versatile, can be sensual, can also be sadistic.

Corporal Punishment. Flogging, whipping, caning, OTK, and more. I have many implements that can feel slappy, thuddy, stingy and so on.

Strapon/anal play. Medically I have shiny tools that can be inserted. Traditionally I have many dildos of all lengths, girths, fisting mits and butt plugs.

Boot, shoe and foot worship. Very versatile in that I like sensual worship of my feet, but also the feet can be feared to what they will do to you!

Materials such as nylon, PVC. Corsets and lingerie. Latex. Beautiful heavenly latex! I own many latex clothes, and take pride in the shine. I have rubber items that you can use, and have access to a translucent latex vac bed.

Straight jackets. The canvas kind, just like a mad inmate in my asylum.
Hoods, gas masks. Controlled breathing devices.

Chains. Hearing them clinking when you are wearing them can be such a trigger 🙂

Sensory and sensual play. Tie and tease. Sensory deprivation and overload. I love to take you to subspace!

Double Domme sessions with my Mistress in crime, Mistress Katerina

Role play scenarios. So many possibilities with this.

Slave training. Abiding by me, and learning the proper way in which a slave should behave. I expect high standards!

Trampling. With bare feet or boots, and especially trampling your downstairs.

Wax play. Quite a sensual activity. Especially when knife play is involved with the scraping off the wax.

Watersports. You can have a varying degree of strength. And a varying way to administer it 😉

Tickle torture. Such a fun game to play. This can really heighten your emotions.

Fear play. Fear is good. Heightened emotions can arouse the senses and be twisted against you. I would never do anything that is not pre agreed.

Fart play. Breath in my scent!

Vomit play. I offer this as a fetish, but also making you vomit can be extremely fun. Purging your body can have a profound impact on subspace.

I have a sound understanding that not all of my clients can be marked. I pride myself in altering certain situations that can have a great affect on your mind and body, but not leave a mark! I learn from the best, Mistress Katerina.

Consent is sh*t hot! I always play with a safe word.

Discretion. I pride myself that my professional life is kept discrete. Once you make contact with me, you are protected. This is your secret life that is sacred. Leave your life at my door and please be your true kinky self. What happens when you are with me is confidential, you are safe and valued.

It\’s impossible to list all of the things I do, and equipment I have. Sometimes it\’s easier to say what I WON\’T do! However, my extensive collection, experience and creative mind is always growing.

If there\’s something that you specifically want, but do not see it on the list, please ask. I may offer it, or have experience in this area. If not, then I am always learning and evolving. If I don\’t offer it, I can always refer you to someone who can help.

I DO NOT provide any sexual services.

I also do not provide
-Sissy play
-Age play (this may change in the future)

Please respect my dos and don’ts, as I will respect yours.