About Me

West Midlands Mistress

My name is Mistress Beth Bedlam.

As an established and experienced Pro Domme, I have a wealth of knowledge and skills. I am unique in what I offer, as I do things in my own style. I am diverse in my styles of working, and confident in mixing these styles to suit individuals needs.

I have been on the scene for a long time, even before I became a Pro Domme, and have experienced a wide range of kinks. I enjoy many fetishes, and it gives me great joy to learn of new ones. With my professional development, I have a thirst for learning new skills and providing more amazing experiences to you and also to me.

I am a rebellious Mistress, with tattoos and piercings, but also in my nature and personality. As a natural dominant, I rule not by shouting but by guidance and control. I am strict in what I expect from you, but I also find that my approach is empowering to everyone involved.

You will find me approachable, friendly, inclusive and I like to have a laugh. But I am also warped and the good kind of weird! Kink takes us to new places within our psyche. Imagination and confidence can open these doors to new experiences, and to learn new things about ourselves. I am here to help guide you.

As a lover of classic FemDom, and also medical fetish, I am much more than a Dominatrix wielding a whip. I indulge my own kink with so many fetishes, interweaving these throughout scenarios. For instance strapon can be weaved into a medical scene, a bondage scene mixed with watersports but with elements of an insane asylum feel to it, a medical scene could even have a naughty patient that needs spanking! The list could go on, and I’m very passionate and imaginative at dreaming up all kind of scenes! I just love the assorted mix of fetishes that can be interlaced, and this is why it’s so exciting and varied. No two sessions are the same!

I am sadist with a hunger for blood, but BDSM isn’t always about pain and punishment. Fetish can be gentle, sensory, quiet, intimate. It’s these experiences that can take us to new levels and what you desire and crave the most. I understand that within the fetish arena, it can be so diverse for everyone. I am versatile in providing different styles to meet your needs.

My working relationship with you will be an approach that I find empowering. I take time to get to know you, and form our foundations. The more we know about each other, the more intense our sessions! We will have a mutual understanding, trust and will play safely. All of what we do together will be pre agreed, as consent is very important to me. We all have our hard and soft limits, including me. Our partnership should be one that mutually benefits us both, that builds us up, develops us positively as people. I love nothing more than breaking you down, and back up again, through my art!

Within my sessions, I provide safety, security and anonymity. I expect the same from you. Leave your life at the door, and experience a different dimension with me. Free to be whoever you choose to be, and not be judged for this.

Take a look at what I offer in sessions. Its kind of a menu, but gives you an idea of what I provide. Remember that imagination has no limits!

If you are looking for a Domme who is fun, kind, friendly, warped, attractive, sadistic and sensual…

..Well here I am.