About Me

West Midlands MistressMy name is Mistress Beth Bedlam. I am tattooed, pierced, with blue green eyes and have many different hair colours.

I love to look alternative, edgy, rebellious. I have always been a rebel throughout my life, and this will benefit my domination. I like to push boundaries, and like things that are outside of the ‘norm’.

My working relationship with you will be an approach that I find empowering. By forming close bonds, it will increase pleasure in the sessions. We will have a mutual understanding, trust and will play safely. My contact with you wont cease when you go home.

I have been on the scene for a while, and have experienced a wide range of kinks. I enjoy many fetishes, and it gives me great joy to learn of new ones. Im a lover of the classic femdom/BDSM.

However I am obsessed with lunatic asylums of the past, hence my name! It fascinates me, the experiences some of the people would’ve had while they were locked up at these asylums. I get excited by the old scary stories that the staff in charge, were really the only ones who were insane!

Restraint is such a lovely game to play, so are electrics and torture techniques. Playing the ‘mad doctor’ can be so pleasing; inflicting all kinds of weird and wonderful ‘cures’ and ‘therapies’ on the lunatic.

Inflicting pain, playing creative mind games and sensually dominating can be so expressive to me. I can be caring, considerate and also a sadistic bitch!

If you are looking for a Domme who is fun, kind, friendly, warped, attractive, sadistic and sensual…

..Well here I am.