May 2024 Update.

Hello reader! It seems like ages since I wrote a blog. January was the last time and it’s been so busy since then. I’ve also got lots of things to share with you!

I’ve expanded on kit and also my skill set.

I’ve recently invested in a Venus 2000 Milking machine. It’s the best and it can be used to drain you, but also tease, taunt and deny. It really is so much fun. I also have a new canvas bondage sleep sack. This is versatile in what scenes it can be used for, and perfect for use in my asylum! If you love bondage, then you must try this.

The medical room has had a face lift, new splash of paint, and there is a new treatment bed. Perfect for those longer sessions for comfort and versatility!

I have also be practicing my whipping skills. I’ve got to grips with the snake whip and loving using it. My CP kit has increased with various implements to provide different sensations and differing marks. I am hopefully getting some more whips to add to my collection soon. My knife collection is growing too. This is such a sensual art, with a mix of fear play put into it. It’s a head f*ck for you, but when trusting in me, can quickly send you into space with the emotions you feel!

I have even more ideas of things I want to learn to increase my skill set. More things to tease you, mindfuck you, hurt you, make your heart beat faster so you want more. I’m always growing, evolving and learning. I have a real passion for it, and is so important for my profession!

I have started offering 1 hour sessions again. They will be based around 1, perhaps 2 fetishes during a session. An hour isn’t that long, but sometimes an hour is all you need. It might be that you want to try something new, so a one hour session will give you an introduction. A one hour session may revolve around:

*foot worship

*anal play such as strapon

*needle play

*corporal punishment such as whips, canes, floggers etc


*electrics such as the violet wand or estim

*wax play

*tie and tease

If you have a request for a session, please ask. I do have an extensive list on my website that says what I offer. If you are wanting a 1 hour session, I will not be wearing latex!

I will also be bringing back my art project. This was a huge hit when I did this before. A reduced tribute applies for this. I love creating art on other humans. I would like to do this to get creative, have fun, harness my skills and learn. The list is not exhaustive, but I would like to use needles, medical staples, saline injections, sutures, beads, threads, body jewellery and cautery pens. I would also like to experiment with not breaking the skin aswell, so things like wax, felt tip pens, lipstick, oh the list could go on! You have a human canvas, and I love to make use of it. The art project is for my own promotional use. If you are interested, please drop me an email.

Some plans for the future months are:

I have entered a competition, with 3 categories; Best Mistress/Dominatrix, Best UK Medical Mistress, and Best Midlands Mistress. The competition is held through Professional Mistresses, which is a large directory of ProDommes in the UK. I have never put myself forwards for competitions and awards, so this is a big step for me! It would mean so much if you could vote for me. Voting starts on the 1st June and lasts all month. You can vote daily. The website to visit and to vote is

On 15th June I will be visiting Madame Li Ying in London, so that she can teach me the art of suturing. We are looking for a human canvas so that I can practice. If you are interesting in being my guinea pig, please contact Madame Li Ying.

On July 11th I will be travelling to Wiltshire to meet with Mistress Jane for some double Domme fun! Mistress Jane has an amazing play space and we will be offering many areas of play such as medical, corporal punishment, strapon, CBT, milking etc. There’s so many things that we can do together. If you are interested in seeing us both, please respectfully contact either me or Jane via email and we can get you booked in. Mistress Jane’s email is

I’m still continuing to offer real time sessions, this is my passion and I love the intimacy of private sessions. Leave your life at my door and come and indulge in your kinks with me. Please use my email to reach out for bookings. My email is

Phew! That was alot! Thanks for reading 🙂

Stay kinky!

Mistress Bedlam